JFF+ INDEPENDENT CINEMA poster. Credit to @indonesiajff on Instagram.
JFF+ INDEPENDENT CINEMA poster. Credit to @indonesiajff on Instagram.

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Short Introduction

This year, the Japanese Film Festival, or JFF was held offline in three cities only in Indonesia, which are Jakarta, Bandung, and Makassar. The event was held in cooperation with CGV, it seems... The premiere is held through CGV in each city. A special screening was held too in Yogyakarta.

Well... Hearing this news actually makes me feel somewhat sad. Cause… Well... At one point it's understandable, but at the same time, I'm still sad cause it's mostly held in Java and only one city outside of Java. This is compared to last year when the event was held online, with limited screening time.

But then... There is an event announced today through @indonesiajff Instagram account...

Main Information

So, there is an event (?) announced on @indonesiajff Instagram account, which is JFF+ INDEPENDENT CINEMA. There will be 12 (twelve) independent movies from Japan that will be screened for viewers to watch for free. These 12 movies will be split into two sessions:

  • Session 01: 15 Dec 2022 until 15 March 2023.
  • Session 02: 15 March 2023 until 15 June 2023.
In Session 01, you can watch six movies, entitled: Then in Session 02, you can watch the other six movies, entitled: You can visit their official website for more details through this link, or directly see the Film Lineup through this link. You can also write a comment on each movie section, and even writes feedback for the event (JFF+ INDEPENDENT CINEMA) after you finished watching everything...

Well... My take regarding this announcement?

Glad. Grateful. So grateful.

I mean... While I'm not being naive and denying how easy it is to pirate in this age, it's always nice to support and watch any form of media in legal ways, especially when it's provided and available to watch for free. And I support this type of event, cause as viewers this is basically a free-legal entertainment, and for the movie makers behind these movies, this is basically more publicity, as anyone in this world could watch their movies anywhere and anytime (well except some countries which is listed on each movie page).

I'm also grateful for the timespan. I mean... Considering last year when the event was held for around two weeks only (if I remember correctly), and as I wanted to watch every movie available, it feels so rushed, and I have no time to watch everything, let alone to write all review articles. Even though a “Quick Review” probably could easily solve this problem, yet I wanna write a proper review like a few titles that I could wrote of last year…. I haven’t write any review articles out of seven movies I could watch last year (It's A Summer Film (2021); Happy Flight (2008); OZLAND (2018); Masked Ward (2020); Ito (2021); AWAKE (2020); and Under the Open Sky (2020)), and now 2022 event is here… 😭

I know that I wrote for hobbies, I didn’t get paid, and no one read my blogs, but... It's fun to write, and at least I could share my point of view/feedback regarding what media I consumed, and it's fun to do this... So yeah, I'm really-really-really grateful that the timespan to watch these movies is long enough, so at least in a week I could probably watch one movie, then write my review about it, then I'll repeat this process again next week... Which is much more relaxing...


So yeah. To close this article... I'm glad that there is another free-legal entertainment source where I could watch various type of movie, for free, but legal. I could feel entertained, yet at the same time, the creators could feel supported/appreciated as their media is consumed legally through this medium. I hope I could consume more and more legal contents like this in the future, whether through various medium that I know now, or later in the future...

That's all for now. Thank you for reading this article, and see you in another post. Bye! 👋🏻