One of a few promotional poster for American Horror Story: NYC (Season 11). Credit to FX, and Rotten Tomatoes.
One of a few promotional poster for American Horror Story: NYC (Season 11). Credit to FX, and Rotten Tomatoes.

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Age Rating

No One 17 and Under Admitted (NC-17)

I can't find the official age rating for this season, but based on what I see, this series could be rated as No One 17 and Under Admitted (NC-17) or TV-MA. There were no explicit sex scenes or such, but there were lots of scenes where I guess it's not appropriate for people aged younger than 17+. It's also not that family-friendly at all.


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  • This season contained LGBTQ (gay theme) heavily. Close this page if you are not comfortable with the theme. I’ve warned you.

Quick Review

Apparently, American Horror Story got renewed again (until Season 13), and this is the latest one, released this year, 2022. This season (Season 11), named "American Horror Story: NYC" (New York City), mainly revolves around Gay theme, and an unknown disease surrounding them (at that time). It does shown other LGBTQ theme, such as Lesbian, but throughout the season, it's only about gay couples.

And while the cinematography, editing, sound effects, and acting are great as usual... The storyline... is not. Definitely a no. If you are one of the avid viewers of the American Horror Story franchise, then I'd assure you that it's okay to just skip this season, like the spin-off one premiered last year, American Horror Stories. The spin-off felt abysmal and I couldn't stand myself to continue watching after only two episodes at the beginning.

This season... Starting by confusing its viewer. Everything looks nice, acting looks nice, but the storyline just doesn't hit randomly here and there through episode one and two. Then coming episode three and four, okay the storyline starting to add up here. The build-up continued until episode six, then slowly died off from episode seven until the finale, episode ten. And like that, five weeks of Season 11 just done, with no remarkable memories.

While usually the terror in American Horror Story revolves around ghost or malicious entity or even killer or some terrorizing objects in general, this one... Hm... The terror comes in form of "Big Daddy" (played by Matthew William Bishop). Big Daddy (as theorized by some fans on Twitter) symbolizing HIV/AIDS as the terror for Gay culture here. While the disease seems "horror/terrorizing", but how the script tried to involve the disease itself as some ghost throughout the story feels... weird and not that enticing. Hence why this season probably felt boring and flat all the time. A bit sad considering how everything seems to be top-notch as usual aside from... The storyline.


Do I Recommend This Season?

No. You'd better watch another season aside from this one. But if you insist, go on. I won't interfere with your decision.

For an American Horror Story franchise, which started great in the beginning (read: Coven, Asylum, Murder House), this season felt like another downhill of AHS franchise. If this franchise is usually able to hook its viewer in the beginning, this season just felt loose and boring all the time. The only episode that I probably felt "the thrill" was episode five, six, and seven. And... That's all. Now I wonder how the other upcoming two seasons will be after this...

So for me, I scored this season as:

🙂 Hmm.........

52~55/100 pts

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