A promotional poster for Love Death + Robots Season 3.
A promotional poster for Love Death + Robots Season 3.

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Age Rating

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In my opinion... It's Restricted (R) or probably Parental Guidance - 13 (PG-13) if I need to tone it down. I guess the only nudity on this season is a dick (yes, a dick) explicitly shown when a character peed on a cliff in "Kill Team Kill". Then side boobs also shown briefly a few times on Swarm.


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Quick Review in General

The latest instalment of "Love Death + Robots" (aka Love, Death & Robots) is such a marvellous anthology, and in general felt so much better than the previous season. I could say that this is probably on par or almost on par with the first season.

Three Robots: Exit Strategies

Fun, and witty. Along with throwing shade toward human's greed. But that's probably everything this episode has. A light opening.

Bad Travelling

SUPERB. This one is definitely one of the best throughout all seasons. The build-up, the storyline, the animation, the music, the colour-grading, everything felt top-tier. Even a rewatch session of this episode still felt nerve-wrecking for me.

Night of the Mini-Dead

This is... Funny. So witty, and unique. It's funny how it's just one fault, then everything changed gradually. "Gradually Chaotic" probably explains this episode. However, it's replayable is not that worthy because it's practically predictable.

Kill Team Kill

So fun, even though they use racy jokes and cursing most of the time, but it's still fun. Kinda easily forgettable, yet a rewatch session still felt fun.


A weird... and an "okay" episode in my opinion. Mainly showed how human's greed makes them think they controlled everything already, when in reality, they are being controlled unknowingly.

Mason's Rats

It's interesting how this old guy has tons of money to purchase and set all of those expensive rat exterminators. I mean he doesn't look like a rich guy at all, but... And the ending... wholesome (?). Just warm. Fun, and definitely still fun for a rewatch session.

In Vaulted Halls Entombed

Another good episode. It's interesting how human curiosity led them toward that tomb, and as they saw there was no way out, they decided to just go till the end. Definitely still worth it for a rewatch session.


Upon watching this one, I got reminded instantly of an episode on Season 1, The Witness. The style of this episode felt so realistic, yet definitely still an animation. However, even if everything was breathtakingly beautiful, the storyline of this episode felt kinda empty and confusing. Contrary with The Witness, the one that haunted me in reality or my dream for days upon watching.


Do I Recommend This Movie?

Yes. Definitely yes.

For a quick session, as each episode lasted around 6 to 21 minutes, and each isn't correlated with each other, I will definitely recommend this season. Most episodes in this instalment felt fun, especially if this is your first time watching this season. This will be an enjoyable quick session. But beware, once you watch one, you'll hook-up till the end, but it's definitely an enjoyable session, at least for me.

So for me, I scored this movie as:

😄👍🏻 So Good

92~95/100 pts

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